About Us

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Our Mission: 

To lead perpetual revolution through coffee, community and innovation.

Who We Are:
Curva Coffee is an Atlanta based coffee company seeking to share their passion and dedication to coffee with the world.

Our Core Values:
We believe that coffee has the power to change the world. Lofty concept? Probably, but it is the fundamental reason we exist and guides everything we do.

Curva is born from the idea that coffee is an integral building block of connection and that community is cultivated through relationships. From cherry to cup, Curva Coffee strives to deliver a stimulating, innovative and purpose driven moment to everyone; one cup at a time.
Our Story:
… has just begun.  It is an evolution of beliefs, concepts, inspiration, and personalities.  Officially, Curva Coffee began in the mind of our founder in 2019 as a way to grow community and provide a unique take on coffee culture.

Welcome to the revolution. Your support invigorates our spirit.