Curva Catering


Ahead of the curve:

Curva Catering is the result of two brothers ideas combined: catering & coffee. The name is a result of one brothers coffee business and the catering talent is the result of the others decades long career in catering and hospitality.

We are a full-service catering company offering quality ingredients inside our imaginative dishes served with passion & professionalism. We are proud to work with our clients to make their most unique events become reality.

The logo was created as a result of the name “Curva” which is Italian for curve and in this context refers to a Formula One Grand Prix Circuit. Some people see three “c’s” when they look at it while others see a familiar warning symbol. Whatever you see in this logo it is unforgettable and instantly recognizable and synonymous with quality and individuality.

Example Menus:


The Continental - $6.50 per

Assorted bagels + cream cheeses
Croissants + butter, jams & jellies
Assorted muffins
Fresh fruit

The “Weekend” - *$11.50 per

Freshly baked biscuits + butter, jams & jellies
Blueberry muffins
Sausage patties
Fresh fruit salad
*Add mini veggie egg frittatas ($1 per person)
(Spinach, basil, Roma tomato, cheese)


Lunchbox - *$12 per

Oven roasted turkey breast served on soft French roll with leaf lettuce & tomato
Black Forest ham served on a soft French roll with leaf lettuce & tomato
Roast beef served on ciabatta roll with leaf lettuce & tomato (+$1 per)
Famous Chunky Chicken Salad served on croissant with leaf lettuce & tomato
(+$1 per)
Veggie Delight with lettuce, tomato, cucumber & avocado with humus served on a soft French roll (+$1 per)
*Includes plain chips and your choice of pasta salad, potato salad or fruit salad and a chocolate chip cookie. (mayo & mustard on side).

Salads - $10 per

Asian chicken salad - kale, shaved Brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots, mandarin oranges, marinated sesame ginger chicken + tossed in asian dressing
Crispy eggroll
Famous Chunky Chicken Salad - chicken breast, dried cranberries, water chestnuts, broccoli, saffron, fresh herbs.

Buffet Served Hot - $18 per

Includes disposable chafers, plates, cutlery, serving pieces (sterno)
Honey French roasted chicken breast
Yellow saffron rice
Crisp green beans
Fresh baked rolls with butter
Mixed greens salad with strawberries, mandarin oranges + balsamic vinaigrette
Herb roasted chicken breast topped with mushrooms & artichoke hearts
Mac & Cheese + smoked gouda & tons of cheddar
Jalepeno cheddar cornbread
Fresh fruit salad
Build your own Fiesta!
Choose from zesty ground beef
Southwest chicken breast
Kale & quinoa salad + cucumbers & grape tomatoes served with poached pear vinaigrette
Soft flour & corn tortillas
Rice & black beans
Tortilla chips + salsa & sour cream
Shredded cheese, sliced jalepenos, cilantro
BBQ chicken breast
Seasoned roasted potatoes + parmesan cheese
Yellow summer squash & zucchini + dill & onions topped with cheddar
Fresh baked rolls & butter
Green salad + cucumbers & tomatoes, carrots & croutons
With choice of ranch or balsamic dressings


Asian Chicken Salad Salad

Buffet SetLunch

Fruit saladKey lime pie


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